Moonshine snake plant benefits

We grow houseplants for two main reasons. One is to decorate our house and the other is to purify the home air. Every plant on the earth absorbs carbon dioxide and release oxygen. But we cannot grow all plants indoors. Many of them are not suitable for our indoor environment.

But there are some plants that release more fresh oxygen than others.

Moonshine snake plant is one of them. It is also called mother in-laws’ tongue. It has vertical stand leaves with strips on them.

In this post, you’ll know some interesting things about the moonshine snake plant.

Also learn about the Moonshine snake plant care, propagation, and benefits.

Let’s talk about the benefits

There are many benefits of growing moonshine plants. But we only talk about 2 most big benefits. They are related to our home and health.

Purify Indoor Air at Night

Moonshine is a succulent plant and like other plants, it also purifies the indoor air. But what makes it different from other succulents is its air-filtering powers. Most of the plants consume carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen only in the daytime.

After sunset, they start absorbing oxygen and release carbon dioxide (in limit). This is the reason why it is advised that never sleep under the trees at night. Because at night trees release carbon.

In the case of moonshine, it is advised that put the plant in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

Because it comes in the category of those rare plants that release oxygen even at night. This regulates fresh airflow in the room and you get freshly release oxygen all night.

This increases the oxygen level in your bloodstream and you sleep comfortably for 7 to 8 hours.

And you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning.

Remove air pollutants

Air pollutants are not only present in the outside air. They are heavily present in indoor air. Because many things in our homes release these harmful gases.

The toxics like CO2, Formaldehyde, Benzene can cause cancer like deadly diseases. Plants like moonshine absorb these toxins from the air and convert them into fresh oxygen.

Polish wooden things and other plastic made things in our houses release formaldehyde. This toxin is most common in the USA. People use air monitors to know about air toxins.

Buy the air quality check meter and check the air index of your bedroom. Then move the plant pot to your bedroom and check again in the evening.

You will be surprised to see the difference between air quality. Moonshine plant is in NASA’s Air purifying plant list.

How to care for moonshine plants?

Every plant needs some amount of light, water, nutrients, and humidity to grow. If you are planning to grow this plant inside your home. Then you need good potting soil for it.

A good potting has well-draining abilities along with good aeration.

Choose the succulent potting mix and a bottle of liquid fertilizer. Do not use normal houseplant fertilizer because succulent food is different from normal houseplant food.

Once you buy a plant from the local garden store. Then put in under in-direct bright light. It needs light for 4 to 6 hours per day.

Fertilize it only 3 times a year. Spring and summer are the best time for the fertilization.

As long as humidity is concerned. It can easily grow in moderate humidity. Normally US houses have humidity between 40% to 75%. Which is good for growing most of the plants.

Because moonshine aka Sansevieria plant is succulent so it needs low humidity.

Just take care of all above things and you will have a healthy moonshine plant.

I hope you enjoy this article. For more information on houseplants and their care. Please visit our indoor plant section.